Our company was born as a little familiar business founded by Manuel Méndez García “Casa Perulo” in 1944, which was dedicated, in the begining, to activities related with the distribution of building materials.

Then, because of the functionality needs, in 1987 founds Almacenes Méndez S.L., where the second generation of the family was representated by Luciano Méndez Lodos. Even though the company has grown since its foundation, it is still a little familiar company and its understood by our customers because of our close and friendly manners .

The company thinks that the most important asset it has is the people one, with 7 employees. It has 3 stores, situated in Meira and the vicinity, and several transport and manipulation machinery.

Its costumers are from the province of Lugo but it also has customers from very far locations. We are proud of our service, not only selling it, but also recommending the best product for each need, looking for the best quality which produces the customer fidelity.

Our wide experience in the activity is shown on a premium products selection, avaliable to our customers within a competitive price.
Trying to gain competivity, since 1997 we belong to the biggest construction-store cooperative, ALGONGAL, with two stores, the central one in Curtis (Teixeiro) and another one with a shop in Lalín (Pontevedra).

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